Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to make Scrambled Eggs that DON'T taste like 'crap'

I like eggs, I've eaten them at every restaurant imaginable. But they always taste bad! So i'm going to share some tips on the BEST way to make them.
1. Add all seasoning when mixing your eggs, you should add Salt and Pepper(and a little Garlic salt if you'd like)
2. Instead of using a pan spray, use butter! It will make them taste o much better and they wont stick to the pan.
3. (Optional) If you like cheese then add it as soon as you pour the eggs into the pan, it will melt inside the eggs.

Just follow those tips and you will be making the best eggs you've ever had!


  1. I like to add some tobasco too. And if you use just a little bit of water (some people use milk) it will make them a little fluffier without changing the taste or making them runny.

  2. Most people just use milk, thats why I didn't mention it. I'll have to try tobasco sauce, it sounds pretty good.