Monday, February 7, 2011

ScubaDiving/beach tips!

When you go scuba diving it is a good idea NOT to wear watches, jewelry, or anything shiny! Fish and sharks are attracted to shiny objects. If you are ever in a situation where a shark is swimming at you, DON'T try to swim away! Instead swim at it so it knows you are not scared of it.

My young(but smart) cousin told me these tips. I will now feel much safer when I am surfing and scuba diving!


  1. I knew a guy that got his hand bit off by a tiger shark. He was wearing a shiny watch at the time, that's what he suspected that attracted it.

  2. usually i just punch sharks in the face lol
    followed and supported

  3. @Fascist for Fashion - Thats rough :O but I guess he learned his lesson :/

    @Alex Aleshin - hehe I guess if the shark isn't scared of you and you get that close, I would probably punch him too :D and thanks ;)